If all conditions are met and exercised, the total financial award granted to all participants can potentially amount to €1,000,000 (one million euro).


We turn great ideas into ventures and then introduce them to those with the vision and means to help them grow.


The competition jury will select the winning team in each one of the 4 existing tracks.

Mentors & Catalysts

Volunteers from the global business community are central to achieving the our mission.

Veniam connecting the 400 STCP buses in Oporto

21st Set 2014 Público

Veniam Works, a BGI alumni turn Oporto in the 1st european city with connected buses. From today the 400 STCP buses are mobile hotspots offering passengers free wifi. 

BGI alumni D-Orbit is still making news thanks to a new and important achievement. After a meticulous assessment, the certifying organization B-Lab awarded the Italian startup with the Benefit Corporation certification. Thanks to its new way of doing business which links social and environmental issues to the market economy laws and to the logic of profits.

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