The total in-kind support participants receive is valuated at €1,000,000 (one million euro).


We turn great ideas into ventures and then introduce them to those with the vision and means to help them grow.


The accelerator jury will select the most investible venture in each one of the 4 existing verticals.

Mentors & Catalysts

Volunteers from the global business community are central to achieving the our mission.

Trust the tracking: 3 strategies for getting customer buy-in

22nd April 2015 memeburn

Tracking can be highly valuable in terms of creating better customer service and incorporating better marketing decisions. That's why transparency is a key element to make your customers understand that their data is protected as you track their activity.

Surfstoke - Na crista da onda 

1st April 2015 Marketeer

O MIT e o European Mobile Challenge já se renderem à aplicação Portuguesa Surfstoke, uma rede social para surfistas que promove a interacção entre praticantes. Quer entrar na onda?

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